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Sushi Moto

Posted: 09/20/12

Sushi Moto

Restaurant: Sushi_Moto Toronto

Nelson @ Yonge & Sheppard: Neat sign outside, but once you enter it's obvious it used to be an irish pub. Still, the tables were really spaced out so the interior was not bad.

When we sat, an app of noodles in a nice soup came out unprompted. Unique to see this and it was quite good.

We ordered a maki combination 3 (california, dragon, rainbow, salmon maki and spider rolls (36 pieces for $44.95). We also shared a medium Sashimi with 40 pieces for $39.95.

The sashimi was nicely presented and had fairly large pieces. The seared white fish was new to me and pretty good as it turns out (top left).

For the rolls, the salmon maki had a really large piece inside which was welcome. The spider roll had the crab really breaded and then fried which is different from most where it is either fried directly or just slightly breaded in corn starch instead of the bread crumbs they used here. Overall, not too much rice in each roll so it was good.

Kitty ordered a Yum Yum saketini ($8.95) which had Sake, kahlua, bailey's and creme de cacao. The waiter warned that it would be really sweet and Kitty was fine with that until she got it. It was too sweet.

Afterward Teresa treated us to some homemade cake pops which were yummy!

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