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East Side Mario's 16-Layer Lasagna

Posted: 09/21/12

East Side Mario's 16-Layer Lasagna

Restaurant: Brampton East_Side_Marios

dre @ Trinity Commons: I haven't been to East Side Mario's in a long time. One night, I was still fighting the flu and too lazy to cook, so we went to East Sides for dinner. Since we were both a little sick, we both had soup. I had a bowl of minestrone and a bowl of Italian wedding. Mike got 3 bowls of Italian wedding soup.

I usually like East Side Mario's garlic bread, but I found that this one tasted funny and had a weird after taste. We never asked for seconds.

We got a calamari to start. The calamari was very soggy, even though I know it was pan-fried after being deep fried, but I thought it was overcooked soggy. It was spicy though, so the flavours made up (a tiny bit) for the sub par texture.

Mike got a chicken parmesan. For the price, it was incredibly disappointing. The pasta had no sauce, and everything was really dinky.

I got the 16 layer lasagna. This was HUGE! It was very salty, but tasted good. I didn't actually count 16 layers, but there were leftovers and I got to enjoy it again the next day.

In conclusion, I found East Side Marios to be very expensive. You can pay the same prices and go to a real Italian restaurant.

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