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Black Hoof

Posted: 09/18/12

Black Hoof

Restaurant: Black_Hoof Toronto

Nelson @ near Little Italy: There is a lot of hype around this restaurant last winter even though they sold leftover meats - oops, I meant charcuterie. Being Chinese I have no problems with weird meats so let's dive in.

We started with the roasted bone marrow ($7) and it comes out as a huge piece of bone. The marrow itself has texture and taste like fat, but lighter so that means it was really tasty. Maybe it's a lot of oil/fat on top that made it taste way. It came with salt, chimachura (good as it wasn't too strong) and some toasted bread.

When you go to Black Hoof you must order the charcuterie plate (house cured measts $19). So much variety, so stay with me here going from left to right: Duck procutto (bottom left) - distinct flavour very oily and fatty almost too much Fat and oil is dripping from it Pancetta (top left) - salty and fatty quite good a little chewy Suckling pig (2nd from left) - like a salami most normal meat Beef and Spruce (darker one, 3rd one from left) - really like this one can't place the taste exactly. Slightly sweet natural flavour almost fruity. My favourite Red wine and fennel - smelled strong had strong flavour only ok and my least favourite. Fennel taste only evident if capacolla not eaten beforehand but still subtle tasted better with the second piece Capacolla - had a pretty strong licorice taste interesting (2nd on top left) Tongue mortadella (2nd from top right) - very light taste Spicy summer sausage (bottom right) - spicier than expected tasted more sausage than cured meat but one of the best surprisingly Chorizo - so light tasting not spicy at all

It also came Rosemary cream which was light almost pate like with hint of Rosemary. Also the mustard is way too strong tasting but good nonetheless. A really fun dish to eat because of the sheer variety of tastes.

We ordered something interesting named smoked sweetbread ($19). It is actually the thymus gland of veal prepared by smoking it and then lightly fried. Must have been an Asian person that thought to eat this. It came with Buttermilk dressing, radish slices, fingerling potato, honey mustard (gave it a kick), mache lettuce and crispy onions. Kitty said it tastes weird like an organ, perhaps like a nugget of liver? But I didn't think it tasted as strong as liver and firmer kind of like fried oyster or a little like chicken karage. Overall it seemed like something I would get at an Izakaya including the spicy sauce drizzled on top and the tastes went pretty well together in the dish, but still didn't like it that much.

Next is a Duck and Black Bean ($19). It came with black bean sauce, salted cabbage and duck confit. This dish tasted very Asian, the cabbage was extremely salty (a little sour too) and same with the sauce. It was like a Hong (red) siau actually now that I think about it. I thought it was too salty and needed something to counter balance the taste, perhaps sweetness. For the duck itself, the crispy skin was wonderful and it was a huge duck leg piece.

We had to pay an extra $2 for some extra bread to go with the meats.

They changed plates with all courses like a tapas style restaurant. The service was really good, but the overall taste was very very salty but that is to be expected with secondary cuts of meat. It must be a good business plan selling the secondary cuts at high prices. I will have to come back and try the nutella and foie gras.

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