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Posted: 09/16/12


Restaurant: Grindhouse_Burger_Bar Toronto

Nelson @ King & Spadina: This is one of the many burger joints popping up around town. With fast expansion comes fast closes as well as Urbanspoon tells me that this place has already closed. I think I may know why.

They had a lot of exotic meats on the menu so I tried the Aussie, the ultimate free range burger, Kangaroo, pickled beets, fried egg and house aioli ($14). The Kangaroo was dry but everything else made it moist and it became messy to eat and as a result not as enjoyable. The beets were OK. I thought kangaroo tasted similar to bison in that it's a beefy but leaner with a slightly different taste.

Kitty tried the BIG GRIND, their own all beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onion and pickle ($10). It was a fairly normal burger but had really rare meat. Strangely it was a little sour with some tasty cheese, but the overall taste was just slightly off.

The advertise that their buns are beer infused, but I found that there was no difference in taste.

We ordered onion rings, spiced buttermilk batter and panko crusted ($5). Onion rings were well breaded and tasty too, so they did these right.

The poutine was made with fresh cheddar cheese curds and house port gravy ($6). Again, the Poutine was slightly sour and as a result was a little weird but the fries were good. Maybe it's cheese they used here that gave everything a slightly sour taste, but when I was tasting the cheese it seemed good.

In conclusion, pricey burgers that aren't that good or unique does not make for a good experience. I guess that's why they are now closed.

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  • I came here for Burger Week and tried their $5 special. I wouldn't pay full price for this place and their service was sooooo slow even though I was getting take out. I'm also not surprised they closed down.
    dre @ 2012-09-24

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