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Song Cook's

Posted: 09/12/12

Song Cook's

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Song_Cooks

Nelson @ Yonge & Steeles: This authentic Korean restaurant is full of Koreans, tucked away in a strip mall, but still very large in size. I would consider it real Korean food, but unlike other Korean restaurants there are not many appetizers that come with the meal. Some Kimchi (very sour here), some daikon and onion are all to to be had.

We tried the Sam Sun U-Dong ($10), extra seafood and veggies noodle soup. It was a little saltier than I would have liked and only ok. The Ja Jang Myun ($7), veggies, beef and black bean sauce on noodle was good because I loved the slightly chewy texture of the noodles. Plus the sauce was good although a bit salty, but in a good way.

The highlight of the meal was by far the Jim KalBi ($20), steamed beef ribs marinated with special sauce. It was so so so tender with a lot of flavour too, which is unexpected for something that is steamed. So good!

The Hae Mul PaJun ($15), Korean style pancake with assorted seafood and veggies was very large absolutely loaded with ingredients and surprisingly cooked until slightly crispy. Different from most I've had, but I really liked it!

The DolSot BiBimBap ($8.5) with veggies, ground beef and egg on rice in a hot stone bowl had a lot of really hard rice. I know it's suppose to have some, but this one seemed to have too much. Also no sauce and I had to add my own spicy sauce to it for some flavour.

Lastly is the Kimchi + Pork Soon Tofu ($8.5), soft tofu soup with kimchi and pork. I didn't have too much of this, but I thought the picture was neat because you can see through the clear egg white.

So good meal overall, I would come back here! (And I have since)

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  • Hmm, I thought they had a Sauga location, but I don't see it on their site anymore..
    Mugs @ 2012-09-12
  • There is a Song's Cook at 1310 Dundas Street East. Just move the "'s" to the next word, it's a subtle difference, no idea if they are related in any way though.
    Nelson @ 2012-09-14

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