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Not many options in the food court

Posted: 09/15/12

Not many options in the food court

Restaurant: Opa_Souvlaki Toronto

dre @ RBC building: Coworker and I wanted to eat something quick, so we went to the RBC food court. There wasn't much to choose from, and Greek food was our best option there. I had the beef special, which included one skewer of beef, salad and rice. The beef pieces were very small and a little sad looking. The salad was pretty big, and the rice was generic. I wish they put some sauce on the rice.

My coworker got a beef souvlaki wrap. I imagine that it pretty similar to my meal.

This place wouldn't be my first choice of food court restaurants. Plus, it was run by Asians, so maybe that explains the dinky piece of meat.

Opa! Souvlaki of Greece on Urbanspoon


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  • Wow, that is really really sad looking beef. Surprised they included olives, usually that's pretty expensive
    Nelson @ 2012-09-15

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