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Ottawa Bar Hopping and Obama Cookies

Posted: 09/08/12

Ottawa Bar Hopping and Obama Cookies

Restaurant: Ottawa

Nelson: We spent the next night bar hopping, but first a stop at Byward market. This bakery - Le-Moulin-De-Provence - was selling Obama cookies, so named because when Obama visited Ottawa, he stopped by to buy some for his daughters. I am a big Obama fan, but not so much to make me buy them.

Le Moulin De Provence on Urbanspoon

First stop was the Highlander Pub where we got the beer sampler. From left to right I tried the Hobgoblin (from England, roasted malt with a slightly hoppy, fruity character and a chocolate toffee malt flavour), Tennet's lager (from Scotland, crisp, sharp, satisfying with a hing of fruit and sugar with a hoppy background taste), Wellington County Dark (from Scotland, full bodied with mal, nut and toffee flavour, Canada's oldest independent brewery from Guelph) and Caledonian 80 (Creamy fruity hop flavours make it subtle and smooth). I don't remember exactly how these tasted, but I think I enjoyed the 1st and 3rd one and not so much the second.

We also tried the duck wings, which were pretty moist with a strong dark meat flavour and whiskey taste in the BBQ sauce. Not bad!

The nachos were not very good as the toppings were sparse and I hate cheese whiz on anything. I would not recommend them.

Highlander Pub on Urbanspoon

At our next stop, the Aulde Dubliner & Pour House, we tried the fried pickles (served with buttermilk ranch, $10), which were surprisingly good. I don't remember what I drank here.

Aulde Dubliner & Pour House on Urbanspoon

And since we were in Ottawa we passed by the Beavertail stand and just had to get one. This Reese beavertail ($5) was awesome with nutella, peanut butter and lot's of Reese's pieces. I love Reeses, so this was the perfect one for me. It must get a lot of business from all the bars around here, not to mention the tourists.

BeaverTails on Urbanspoon

To end the night we stopped by Zak's Diner and had a philly cheesesteak and onion ring platter. From what I remember, not very good, but I was also pretty inebriated, so probably not an accurate judgement. Have to give it credit for opening late and serving the after bar crowd though.

Zak's Diner on Urbanspoon


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