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Lou Dawgs BBQ Craving

Posted: 09/07/12

Lou Dawgs BBQ Craving

Restaurant: Lou_Dawgs Toronto

dre @ King & Portland: After a Jays game, we went to Lou Dawg's to eat some southern BBQ food. This time, we had Preston and Novan with us, so we got to try more items.

We got the Mighty Loutine again, which is a poutine with pulled pork. I didn't eat too much of this, as the gravy and cheesecurds were all over it. I suppose that's a good thing for poutine lovers.

We tried their Slow Smoked Wings - One pound of jumbo wings right from the farm, Slow smoked for 2 hours & carefully coated with our special dry rub seasoning, ensuring that you’ll completely forget about breasts. I was surprised that the wings were not chopped up, and seeing the four wings served like that wasn't very attractive. The wings were nothing special, and the dry rub wasn't that memorable. I think it would have been better with sauce.

We got a 2-meat combo, where we picked the pulled chicken and beef brisket. The beef brisket was especially good and very oily. The pulled chicken could have used more sauce. The two sides we chose were sweet potato fries (a bit soggy), and cornbread (yummy!).

Finally, the best part of the meal was the rack of ribs. The ribs were fall of the bone and so juicy! There was enough sauce to go around. I liked the Cajun spice sprinkled on top as well. These were definitely really good and the tastiest part of dinner!

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