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Winterlude Snacks in Ottawa

Posted: 09/06/12

Winterlude Snacks in Ottawa

Restaurant: Beaver_Tails Ottawa

Nelson @ Winterlude: Unfortunately it was too warm to be able to skate on the Canal so we had to entertain ourselves by going to the kid area. It was still fun, but I was really looking forward to skating and drinking on the Rideau Canal.

I tried some traditional Maple toffee and was surprised at the texture. It's soft and slightly runny, but appears as a solid. Apparently it is tough to get it into this exact texture, but it's pretty neat. At first I thought I could just suck on it like a lollipop, but then it started moving around and I realized I had to eat it quickly or risk it falling off. Neat.

The other traditional treat for Winterlude is beaver tails. The first up is a Killaloe Sunrise, brown sugar and fresh lemon. I've never had this before it was interesting. Next was my favourite, maple butter, which had a nice rich maple taste to it. Last is a garlic butter and cheese one which is a salty version of the beaver tail that I had never seen before either.

Hopefully I will get to skate the Rideau Canal sometime in my life. At least the food will always be there.


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