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CNE Gluttony

Posted: 09/04/12

CNE Gluttony

Restaurant: CNE Toronto

Nelson @ CNE: The one thing you are guaranteed at CNE is eating junk food and feeling absolutely gross afterwards.

This first pic is of some butterfly chips doused in sour cream, chives and bacon. Lot's of salt but also tasted great especially when hot (and oily).

When we arrived mid afternoon we hadn't eaten anything all day and were starving and Kitty went into the short line for a corn dog ($5). I find corn dogs absolutely gross and had a tiny bite and thought it was disgusting. For some reason Kitty likes them though.

I much prefer the deep fried Mars bar ($5). This CNE specialty is better tasting than you would think. I've had it before and this year I really wanted to try the bacon wrapped deep fried Mars bar, but only after purchasing this did the vendor tell me they were available in the Food building. Boo.

To get more oil, we shared a Bloomin' onion. So much oil and yet so good.

You can't go and not get some Tiny Tom donuts a CNE tradition since forever. We had some a bit later and they are no good cold, so make sure you eat them while they are still hot!

To continue our gluttony we noticed that most places were closing down. We couldn't get into the food building for dinner, so instead we walked over to the mini-ribfest and managed to score some pork just as they were closing down. I didn't get a chance to order the Krispy Kreme hamburger, but that may be a good thing.

The first rack of ribs is from Gator BBQ which seems to be at every single ribfest we go to. I have to admit their BBQ sauce and their hot sauce are quite good, but the ribs themselves are tough and not that appetizing. The only good thing is they allow you to squeeze your own amount of sauce, but I have to say their ribs tasted like they were not slow cooked. Maybe it was because we got one of the last racks, but somehow their meat quality was not that good and maybe that's why we got it for $20 instead of the regular price of $22.

The second set of ribs is from Bone-a-fied BBQ. These ribs ($20, regular $22) had very little sauce, but the ribs themselves were cooked really well with a great smoky flavour to them and a slow cooked tenderness. Yum!

The one pound of pulled was from Crazy Canuck Smokers ($12) in the foreground had a decent taste to them, but they weren't pulled enough so there were huge chunks spread throughout. No late night discount here and maybe we didn't get a good batch. Not too sweet here with a distinct pork flavour.

As we were walking out, the salt from the BBQ was just too much. We had to get something to drink and we decided to get some slush ($4 for small). The green apple flavour on top was good until I tasted the blueberry on the bottom which was much stronger and negated any flavour the green apple had to my tastebuds. It was nice to have it though just for something to drink and cool us down for the long 3 km walk back to our car.

Conclusion: I feel gross now.


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  • I really want to try a deep fried Mars bar... but it looks so batter-y!
    dre @ 2012-09-04
  • Yes, there is a lot of batter, but that's the only way to deep fry it unfortunately :(
    Nelson @ 2012-09-04

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