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The Smoque Shack

Posted: 09/02/12

The Smoque Shack

Restaurant: Ottawa Smoque_Shack

Nelson: It's the dead of winter, so what meal to warm up then some BBQ?

We tried their sampling plate and it comes with pork side ribs (Memphis style rub finished with chipotle honey BBQ sauce, sweet, spicy and smoky), jerk chicken (right side of 1st pic, jerk spice marinated finished with a bit of beer , hot and spicy), Tennessee chicken (2nd pic) and jerk pork (3rd pic, spice rubbed shoulder, hand chopped, crusty outside, tender juicy inside this one is hot and spicy).

By far the best thing they do here is the jerk. On the day of, I thought the jerk chicken was better than the jerk pork, but changed my mind the day after. The pork itself had a mix of lean pieces and fat pieces with the fat pieces extra good tasting. Their jerk rub is thick and you can feel it in your mouth with quite a bit of spice and infused with flavour. Good stuff!

Not pictured unfortunately is the pulled pork which was also excellent. It was drenched in a sweet sauce that I really liked and the pork itself had just the right amount of fat.

The ribs were also good, and it had a nice colouring inside once you bit into them. They were cooked well and had a good sauce.

The BBQ chicken (Tennessee) was my least favourite as it was pretty dry. Kitty liked it though so maybe it was personal taste.

For the side, the baked mac and cheese was the best. Corn bread was ok and the tangy coleslaw (not pictured) was really sour, but I suppose they did warn you. The next day we tried the Sourdough bread and it was also quite good.

Overall a lot of meat and it was really good. I would consider it a proper southern BBQ restaurant all the way in Ottawa. Only later that night did I realize how salty the meal was, but it was well worth eating!

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