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Tsuki Izakaya

Posted: 08/29/12

Tsuki Izakaya

Restaurant: Toronto Tsuki_Izakaya

Nelson @ Yonge & Sheppard: In the middle of Korean town, this Japanese Izakaya is of course opened by Koreans. Perhaps a good alternative considering the competition in the area.

The Maguro Tataki looks amazing and tastes pretty good too!

The meal started with some daikon.

The Sashimi salad with sesame dressing was also quite large ($8.99).

The small fish are called Shishamo, grilled capelin in English ($7.99). It was decent if you like fish and the fish taste.

The small piece of fish is black cod yuan yaki (grilled $12.99). This was by far the best dish here. When black cod is made correctly the fatty taste is out of this world. I love it. The skin on this one was salty and crunchy too. Yum.

The whole seared squid is grilled with butter ($7.99). It did taste a bit softer than usual and pretty tasty overall. I liked how it was cut and presented.

This is a the BC Tuna herb yaki, BC tuna grilled with buttered soy sauce and Japanese herb ($11.99). It looked really good and was a decent portion size. The tuna is almost cooked throughout and soaks up the soya sauce.

Tonkatsu, deep fried pork loin served with katsu sauce is one of my personal favourites and it was not made that well because it was too thick. It's best when it's thin and crisp.

The ebi fry is eight pieces of shrimp deep fried with bread crumbs and is always a popular dish. They were a bit small but fried really well so it was enjoyable.

Lastly the karaage, Japanese style fried chicken served with green onion sauce was unfortunately battered too much and really took away from the enjoyment of this dish.

Overall it is decent, but I would still rate Guu way above this place. Not to spectacular but definitely an option if you are in the area and not feeling like Korean. They need a little more attention to their dishes and have room for improvement.

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