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Bombay Bhel in a Blizzard

Posted: 08/27/12

Bombay Bhel in a Blizzard

Restaurant: Bombay_Bhel Mississauga

Nelson @ Hurontario & Eglinton: Having no food at home and big snowstorm outside is not a good combination. We decided to venture out to someplace close by and try to feel warm and we ended up at Bombay Bhel.

We had beef Samosas to start, light flaky pastry envelope stuffed with seasoned minced beef, potatoes and green peas ($1 each). These are different from ones I've had in the past because it was very oily and had a lot of meat. The pastry was a lot like a spring roll envelope. Or perhaps I am just used to vegetarian samosa, which probably taste better anyway.

We ordered two mains, a chicken korma ($14.50) cooked in a mild chashew nut cream sauce and a palak paneer cooked with curried spinach ($10.95). Turns out the paneer was really oily as well especially surprising for a vegetarian dish. The Korma was very good though and you could taste the nuttiness if know it is made of cashews.

I've had better Indian food, but this was a filling meal and hit the spot.

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