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Luma - TIFF Lightbox

Posted: 08/25/12

Luma - TIFF Lightbox

Restaurant: Luma

Nelson @ TIFF Lightbox: Right above TIFF lightbox is an O&B restaurant called Luma. We happened to be here for a Second City show with Kevin/Pauline, and just walked in while Winterlicious ($35 set meals) was going on. Against better judgement we ordered of that menu.

Some nice bread to start, decently fresh and hearty. The first appetizer we had was chicken liver and foie gras pate: ocnfit duck heart and braised lentils. This app was very rich (as to be expected), but unexpectedly it included a huge portion of foie gras. It was almost too much richness if that is possible with foie gras. The crunchy stuff was a good contrast on the plate and the chicken liver tasted a bit livery and not something that I enjoy that much. Not a lot came in the dish. So huge quantity and very rich and full of flavour, with a balance in texture, but not flavour.

The roasted beet soup (blue cheese, walnut and apple) soup was good if you like beets, but personally I thought it was too beety. Yes, I just made the word beet into an adjective.

I had the grilled flatiron steak, butter whipped potato, oyster mushrooms and truffle creme fraiche. The mushrooms were very very salty almost inedible. The creme fraiche was made well with the truffle adding richness, while still retaining that truffle taste. The beef itself was not that good of a cut, but cooked as well as could be.

Kitty had the seared albacore tuna, braised sunchoke and heirloom bean salad, red wine rosemary vinaigrette. Bean salad were not overcooked, and had some interesting tastes and textures. The tuna was cooked well and tasted excellent, a the sauce had a bit of wasabi and cilantro flavour to it. Pretty good (and healthy) dish! I wasn't expecting much from a bean salad and fish dish.

The chocolate bread and butter pudding with butterscotch and shaved white chocolate was amazing. I think a lot of butter was used to make it taste so good, but it was buttery rich in a good way making the bread part of it seem less than the butter part. Excellent dessert.

Next is a apple and buttermilk panna cotta with maple granola and apple compote. The panacotta was yogurty, not as good as expected.

Lastly, the cinnamon rice pudding with preserved kumquat and nutmeg. I found the rice pudding too plain, almost porridge-like.

After the meal we were all a little disappointed, but looking back at it, there were some good components there. Overall maybe disappointing especially since I would hold O&B to a higher standard, but you really have to factor in the Winterlicious effect, which renders any judgement of a restaurant moot. Therefore, I would have visit again to truly judge this properly.

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