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Pizza from Old Quebec

Posted: 09/08/07

Pizza from Old Quebec

Restaurant: Quebec_City

dre: If you ever been to Old Quebec City, or Vieux-Quebec, you'll be greeted by people in 18th century costume as you walk through the narrow and steep streets. Reminds you of Europe. Within the streets are tons of restaurants and we found this pizza place that had a nice view as well as nice to the wallet. The pizzas look similar - one had ham and mushrooms, the other had sausage and onions. We were still hungry afterwards.


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  • It looks heavy with all that cheese and thick crust. I can't tell how bit it is, since there is nothing to compare it, but since you were hungry, I'm guessing quite small.
    Nelson @ 2007-08-24
  • yeah... the pizzas were quite small. we went back to the campsite and made soup and drank beer to fill us up haha
    dre @ 2007-09-10

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