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Instant Noodles

Posted: 08/23/12

Instant Noodles

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Nelson @ home: I'm not a big eater of instant noodles, but Kitty absolutely loves it. As a result we also keep on hand different ingredients that go well with instant noodles such as fish balls, dumplings, vegetables and eggs. After trying a few different varieties I too have started to enjoy these dishes.

The first one has some fish balls, some fish paste pieces, dumplings and veggies.

Second has a large fried egg with lots of green onions.

Next one is heavy on the vegetables, including chinese canola stems, mushrooms, green peppers with a poached egg.

You can see the remains of the poached egg throughout the fourth picture as the white stuff. This one also has dumplings and shiitake mushrooms.

Last is one with dumplings, fish balls and lettuce as the vegetable.

All pretty tasty and all so simple and quick to make!


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