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Free Meal on Your Birthday at Tucker's Marketplace

Posted: 09/01/12

Free Meal on Your Birthday at Tucker's Marketplace

Restaurant: Mississauga Tuckers_Marketplace

dre @ Britannia & Mavis: Perhaps one of the reasons Mike and Nelson are friends is because they have the same birthday! They were planning to go to Tucker's Marketplace on a date and order water and therefore pay $0. Instead, a bunch of us tagged along and celebrated their birthday with them.

I knew this before, but I keep forgetting that non-Asian buffets just simply didn't have that many choices to eat. My first plate consisted of all carbs - pasta with meat sauce, pasta salad, potato wedge, etc. I put a roasted chicken on top just to make it a little different.

My second plate had more carbs - Yorkshire pudding, Asian noodles, pizza, some turkey pot pie, etc.

My third plate, I went to the pasta station and got a sausage pasta with rose sauce which I shared with other people. More carbs.

And of course dessert was also carby.

There was nothing that really stood out that I had to go back and get seconds. I think Mike agrees this is the last time he's going to Tucker's for his birthday.

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