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Work Summer Event

Posted: 08/28/12

Work Summer Event

Restaurant: St_Louis Toronto

dre @ Queen & Woodbine: We had a summer work event at the beaches, so after all those festivities were done, we headed over to the St. Louis to eat! They brought out a bunch of appetizers that included calamari, veggies, deep fried pickles, nachos, quesadillas, and cheesy garlic bread. I can't say that any of these appetizers were any good. The calamari wasn't bad, actually, but the rest of it could use some work. I don't know why we didn't order any wings, since that's what they do best! Maybe we were considering the vegetarians in the group... all 2 of them :P

I still think their nachos are the worst. They don't look appetizing at all! Maybe it's the shredded lettuce that makes it not very attractive.

About an hour later, we served up burgers. Since I had dinner plans, I shared half with a co-worker. They were pretty big and not bad, though I suspect they are the frozen kind.

The best part of the meal was definitely the fries! That's another thing they do really well on! I couldn't stop eating the fries.

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