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Boston Pizza Birthday Part 2

Posted: 08/30/12

Boston Pizza Birthday Part 2

Restaurant: Boston_Pizza Brampton

dre @ Queen & Airport: For Mike's birthday, we went to Boston Pizza to use up his coupons for free pasta and pizza. This time, we went with Fred and Jen, so we ordered a whole whack of other food as well.

If you've never had their wings before, you should definitely try them! They are one of my favourites as they are big, crispy, and just plain tasty! We got a double order of breaded wings, which included 2 sauces of our choice - honey garlic and ragin' cajun dry rub. The dry rub was really good.

We got two pizzas. The first is a small BBQ chicken. I thought they would use BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce, but the only BBQ taste I got was from the small pieces of chicken. This pizza was okay.

The second pizza is an individual sized pizza with green peppers and mushrooms. This was the free pizza with one of the coupons.

Since we went on pasta night, all the pastas were $9.99. We got the Tuscan Linguini, which actually looks better on the menu than live. It tasted really healthy.

The other pasta we got (with the other free coupon) was the Spicy Italian Penne. That was was really tasty, but probably really unhealthy.

Even with the two free entrees, this meal did seem pretty expensive. Their pizzas are quite pricy, but the $9.99 pastas were worth it. Next time if I crave pasta, I will go on their Tuesday pasta night!

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