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Bamboo Shoots

Posted: 08/21/12

Bamboo Shoots

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Home: Inspired from eating such fresh and tasty bamboo shoots in Taiwan I saw some in the supermarket and decided to try cooking with them. These are from A Li Shan that are "ready to eat". But I'm dumb and didn't soak/wash them before using them and they do require to be soaked/washed before consuming. I think they are precooked, hence the ready to eat label. As a turned out, it had a bit of an off flavour. I also didn't know how to cut them, as they came in almost half onion shape. I cut them into slices to mimic the Zucchini I was cooking it with, but I think the best way to cut bamboo shoots is to Julienne them, but I unfortunately don't have the knife skills for that and especially don't know how to cut bamboo shoots this way.

Anyway I stirfried with with chicken and zucchini with a bit of hot sauce and it was decent, but definitely not as good as anything in Taiwan. Next time I'll have a better idea how to cook with it.


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