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Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Posted: 08/22/12

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Restaurant: none

dre: Here are three of the more impressive meals that I have made this summer. To start off, I made some blueberry pancakes - a whole stack of them. I paired these with some Pillsbury crescent rolls. I always have a problem when making these rolls mostly because I freeze them after I buy them because I don't plan on making them right away. After they thaw, the dough is such a sticky mess that I can't unroll it, so I end up making a huge ball and rolling it out myself. The result is different sized and oddly shaped crescent rolls. These ones didn't turn up so bad this time. The pancakes are always delicious!

Another meal I made was my own version of chow mein. I bought a package of noodles from the supermarket, and stir-fried chicken, broccoli, and cayenne peppers. I fried the noodles and added some sesame oil to it. The result was a gigantic dish of noodles topped with generous portions of meat and vegetables and probably half the oil that is used in Chinese restaurants!

The last meal is sirloin steaks that I got from a wholesaler of The Keg. They freeze six steaks in one package, so we had to cook all six at one time. Mike barbequed them and seared the outside so that the juices stayed in. It was pretty delicious, even with my well-done piece. We shared the steak meal with my parents. My mom also brought some homemade meat sauce that she got from a gym buddy that she shared with us as well.


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