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Hinote Sushi

Posted: 08/19/12

Hinote Sushi

Restaurant: Hinote Sushi

Nelson @ Mavis & Bristol: You wouldn't expect to find good Japanese food in Mississauga, but this place was busy and full of Japanese people! Always a good sign!

Kitty and I split a small tray with 26 pieces ($28.95). It had large pieces of sashimi and very fresh. The salmon was excellent, tuna could be a bit better, but I've never had excellent tuna in Toronto, so no big deal. The white fish was not icy at all and I could taste the pleasant fish taste, as opposed to sometimes when you get the unpleasant fish taste. If you look closely you can see one piece that had a slightly cooked salmon piece which was different. Kitty loved the large avocado pieces in the rolls.

We tried the Calamary roll ($10.95), stuffed with deep fried calamary, crab mMeat, cucumber, avocado, tobiko and lettuce (all their spelling on the menu). This roll was huge which made it difficult to eat. It had some mayo, had a bit of a tempura taste and also had a garlicy taste. Great looks and tastes pretty good too, but did not expect the huge portion size, especially for a higher quality Japanese restaurant.

At the end of the meal they brought out some (free) fried banana that was battered and cooked expertly. It came with a bit of maple syrup that complemented nicely with the crispy outside and soft ice cream like interior. Great way to finish.

Quality Japanese restaurant in Mississauga is what you'll find here. A little pricey than other restaurant, but that is reflected directly in the high quality of the food.

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