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A & W Burgers are good

Posted: 08/17/12

A & W Burgers are good

Restaurant: A_and_W Kitchener Mississauga

Nelson: Not only is the root beer delicious, but the burgers are pretty good too! They always have some promotion running. The first one is the prime rib burger where the meat does taste better than a regular burger. I like the onions on top and the horseradish sauce and how it makes it taste like a prime rib meal instead of just a burger.

The next three are mozza burgers and teen burgers which are virtually identical except for the type of cheese. It basically has everything on this burger including mayo, mustard and ketchup, tomatoes, lettuce and onions on a toasted sesame bun. That makes it pretty much the best burger there!

A&W Restaurants on Urbanspoon

A&W Restaurants on Urbanspoon

A&W Restaurants on Urbanspoon


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