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Girls Night Out at Joe Badali's

Posted: 08/18/12

Girls Night Out at Joe Badali's

Restaurant: Joe_Badalis Toronto

dre @ Front & Simcoe: I met up with the girls at Joe Badali's. I know the executive chef that works there as he is married to my brother-in-law's good friend. Plus, I played at his wedding too, so he better remember me!! Unfortunately, he was not working that night I was there, so I was disappointed.

The table bread was really delicious and fresh. I'm not sure if we were just hungry, but we got refills of this and polished it up.

I ordered the Penne Pollo Cavolifiore - penne, chicken, roasted cauliflower, peas, corn, tomatoes, tarragon cream sauce. This was tasty, although I don't think it was worth the $18 that I paid. I think I could have made this at home.

I will have to come back when the executive chef is in. Maybe when he's supervising, the pasta will be better.

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