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Seventh Stop: Caplansky's

Posted: 08/10/12

Seventh Stop: Caplansky's

Restaurant: Caplanskys Toronto

dre & Nelson @ College & Brunswick: This was a nice stop, as the seven of us had a chance to just sit together and have a "proper meal". By proper, we shared a meat platter and made ourselves sandwiches.

We got deep fried pickles to start. Now, I'm not sure if they gave us seven pickles because there were seven of us, or the dish came with seven pickles. Either way, it worked out and we appreciated the gesture. The pickles were good, but the batter was a bit of the thick side. (Nelson: A bit oily and although decent, I have had better).

They gave us lots of rye bread to go with the Caplansky platter that we ordered. The platter consisted of smoked meat, beef cheek, turkey, salami, and liver pate. The beef cheek was really really tender. The salami (grilled versht) was really tasty as well. I wasn't a fan of the liver, but Doug and Kitty ate it all up. (Nelson: My favourite was the beef cheek and then the smoked meat. The turkey also had a smokey flavour as well, but as dry as you would expect smoke turkey to be) .

There were multiple bottles of mustard you can choose from. I tried the honey mustard and the house. I heard the spicy one wasn't that spicy (Nope, just a tiny bit of kick).

Finally, they gave us a slice of marble pudding cake on the house. It was really good and a really nice end to this meal. (Thanks Caplansky!)

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