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Sixth Stop: Kinton Ramen

Posted: 08/09/12

Sixth Stop: Kinton Ramen

Restaurant: Kinton_Ramen Toronto

dre & Nelson @ Baldwin & Beverley: This newly opened ramen place is owned by the same people as Guu. Because of that, there is a lot of hype, and if you go, be be ready to wait for a table. We had a party of seven, and it was faster to split the group up. All of us ended up getting a seat by the bar, as the tables were all taken.

The cheese ramen was highly recommended by people that have been here before. It was in miso broth with shredded Swiss cheese on top. The cheese melted into the soup, so I didn't taste it too much. It made the broth really thick. Broth was really flavourful. (Nelson: I really enjoyed this nontraditional ramen. The ramen noodles had a good springy texture and the broth was very flavourful. Very enjoyable).

We also got a shoyu ramen. The broth is based on soya sauce. The broth wasn't as strong as the miso one, but it was still good. I prefer the miso broth more.

Both bowls came with pork that had a big layer of fat. Since I don't eat this very often, I gobbled the whole piece with the fat. (Nelson: I sat across from the worker with the task of blow torching every single piece of pork belly before it was served. So yummy!)

We also got some appetizers. The first one is the Hot Karaage, which is spicy fried chicken. It was tasty.

There was also the Tofufurai, which is described as a tofu nugget. (Nelson: I would say it tasted very similar to a chicken nugget with comparable texture. It was good!)

The restaurant was very hot and steamy inside, probably because of all that broth boiling all the time.

The experience was good, and I would return here for a visit, but not necessarily make the trek downtown if I was craving ramen. (Nelson: In my books, definitely better than Ajisen, and perhaps slightly better than Kenzo if only because of the Guu appetizers)

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