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Fifth Stop: Longo's for Pizza

Posted: 08/08/12

Fifth Stop: Longo's for Pizza

Restaurant: Longos Toronto

dre & Nelson @ York & Bremner: Longo's is one of my favourite places to have lunch while I'm working from the downtown office. Firstly, they are close by. Secondly, they have a good variety and some of the items are decently priced. Thirdly, they make awesome pizza!

They half-bake their pizzas and put them on display. You can see and choose the one you want and they put it back into the stone oven and bake it for 5 minutes.

For the food crawl, we got three 10" pizzas ($6.99 each). The first one is my favourite - mushroom, spinach, and artichoke with pesto sauce.

The second pizza is a vegetarian one with orange and yellow peppers, artichokes, zucchini, and red onions. I don't remember what sauce it was on, but I do remember that it was dry and there was not enough sauce.

The third pizza is a Hawaiian pizza. There was nothing too special about this one, but still decent.

We did bring these pizzas into the Blue Jays' game and ate them while watching the game.

I went for lunch on another day and shared 2 pizzas with a coworker - the pesto spinach mushroom one and a meaty one with pepperoni, chicken, bacon, and sausage. That was really good and had lots of sauce.

Also, the last picture is a 16" pepperoni pizza. Longo's sells there 16" pepperoni or cheese pizzas on Thursdays for $6.99, so I sometimes get that on the way home for dinner.


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