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Third Stop: Banh Mi Boys

Posted: 08/06/12

Third Stop: Banh Mi Boys

Restaurant: Banh_Mi_Boys Toronto

dre & Nelson @ Spadina & Queen: Through the craziness of the construction, we found our way to this small shop on Queen St. There isn't much seating area, but when we went around 11:30, there was space and we just missed the lunch rush. You order the sandwiches and wait for them to call you.

There were many choices of Vietnamese sandwiches, and not like your typical store, this place has more variety in types of sandwiches. Each sandwich ranges from $4.95-$7.50 and the steamed baos are $3.49.

We got a bunch of different sandwiches to share among us, including Grilled Pork, Braised Beef Cheek, Kalbi Beef, and Duck Confit. My favourite was the braised beef cheek as the meat was super tender. The kalbi beef was also pretty good. (Nelson: I only tried the grilled pork and I thought it tasted great. A lot more ingredients and flavour than a regular Banh Mi sandwich with real quality meat, although I would have liked a bit more pickled vegetables and bit less cilantro, but I suppose that's personal preference).

Preston and Novan got a fried Chicken Steamed Bao and shared some of their Kimchi Fries with us.

I would come back again to grab a quick and cheap lunch, though I remember the days when Viet buns were only $1 during university days. However, they also used questionable spam-looking meats and weird pate and too much butter for those $1 buns.

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