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Start of the BiteMe Food Crawl Extravaganza!

Posted: 08/04/12

Start of the BiteMe Food Crawl Extravaganza!

Restaurant: Sadies_Diner Toronto

dre @ Adelaide & Portland: This is the start of the series of posts from the BiteMe Food Crawl Extravaganza.

Our first stop was Sadie's Diner. Actually, our first stop was supposed to be Avenue Open Kitchen, but when we arrived, we found out that it closed on Saturdays. Fortunately, Yelp told us about Sadie's Diner not far away. I've heard about this place, and remember reading about their pancakes.

When we arrived, the restaurant wasn't too busy. We found out that it was a vegan place, and the buckwheat pancakes that we ordered came with vegan sausages. The sausages tasted a little like deep fried tofu, somewhat dry.

We had a choice of fruit toppings, so one was apple cinnamon and the other was blueberry. I thought they were a little bit skimpy with the fruit and disappointed that it wasn't saucier.

Preston and Novan got a mango shake.

Overall, I wasn't a big fan, and probably wouldn't return here for breakfast.

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