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TO Food Fest #3 - Sweets

Posted: 08/03/12

TO Food Fest #3 - Sweets

Restaurant: Scarborough TOFoodFest

Nelson @ TOFoodFest: The best Baklava I've ever tasted is from Patisserie Royale. Often the problem with Baklava is that it is too sweet, but this one is not too sweet, so that you can taste the nutty flavours. And then the phyllo is so crisp and crunchy that it makes this perfect. This platter has three different types, and my favourite is the whiteish one in the middle ring, the cashew. But the pistachio and walnut are also really good. My favourite vendor from the whole festival and we bought $15 worth to take home with us.

Bake'n has the perfect name, because they combine bacon and baking. We were able to sample the sticky toffee Bake'n cake. The toffee cake is well made and hot and then there is bacon on top! Same with the butterscotch Bake'n cheesecake, a great cheesecake with bacon on top! Although they all tasted good, I'm personally not a huge fan of bacon on my desserts. Still tasty and creative though.

CASA manila let us sample their Halo Halo dessert. It's a filipino dessert with 16 different items, something from all over the world since their country had many influences. Unfortunately the sample just included the tapioca balls.

Francesca Bakery was representing the Italians with great looking macaroons and Cannoli. I liked the fact that the Cannoli were made on the spot with a bunch of shells waiting to be filled at that back of their booth. Right beside they were also Italian rice balls. I didn't know such a thing existed, but inside their deep fried breaded exterior is meat or cheese. I want to try this, but didn't have the chance unfortunately.

Holt Renfrew #1 selling food item is from Mary Macleod's Shortbread. I sampled them and I immediately understood why they are so popular. The shortbread is incredible, the best I've tasted. I never thought I could be a fan of something as simple as shortbread, but this changed my mind. Definitely buttery, but in a good way, this shortbread was excellent in taste and texture. She experimented a long time with different Canadian flours to get it just right like from her homeland Scotland. She makes it in small batches and hasn't commercialized to a large scale operation, but I bet the option is there if she wanted and could figure out how to scale up her recipe. Good stuff.

What's your CupCake? Muffin!!! is an unique name for sure. They were selling a variety of interesting muffins like Wicked Wasabi, Hot Heart Stopper, Cool Coconut Curry and Joy of Ginger. Not shown is the samples of chocolate flavoured with wasabi, dijon chardonnay and ginger, sweet and spicy keylime and curry chocolate. They all tasted like they advertise, but I wasn't a particular fan of any. Kitty liked the dijon one and I would have say that one had the most distinctive taste of them all.

Fun event and judging from the number of people and the long lineups it was a successful event. Hopefully they can build on their first outing and do it again next year!


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  • cool event! sounds like a lot of fun!
    dre @ 2012-08-03

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