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TO Food Fest #2 - Mains

Posted: 08/02/12

TO Food Fest #2 - Mains

Restaurant: Scarborough TOFoodFest

Nelson @ TOFoodFest: This post focuses on more of the substantial foods that were there.

The first one is from CASA manila, rated #1 Filipino restaurant in Toronto. The owner if very passionate about Filipino food and how it is underrepresented compared to all the other Asian cuisines. These chicken bbq skewers looked good. She also had a bunch of other foods there including a garlic rice. I've never had this before and want to the try it, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to.

Tacocat is a great name with a great logo for a stand selling asian inspired tacos. They have something like 20 people working there, so I guess they are not in it for the money. I took a picture of their braised beef taco (lemongrass braised beef, lime sour cream, charred corn salsa, pickled jalpeno) and their calamari taco (deep fried calamari, pineapple mayo, pineapple salsa, romaine chiffon, thai chilis). Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try these either.

How 'Bout Those Meatballs was selling homemade meatball sliders. They were nice enough to give samples and the meatballs were really soft and quite tasty. Apparently when sold as a slider they are even better according to Mary.

The Backyard Kitchen was selling Beet sliders with chipotle aioli and taro chips. Yes Beet, not beef. Could be interesting, but I didn't get a chance to try it, but I definitely thought it was unique. The other item is beer battered banana fritters with Ontario peach and mango coulis. Beer with banana sounds strange as well, but it could work. I won't know though as I didn't get to try them either.

Big Moe's Burgers were incredibly giving away mini burgers for free. But when I went they weren't ready yet and by the time I managed to make it back their lineup was really really long. We were in Scarborough after all. They seemed like nice guys that loved hamburgers.

Lastly, what we finally ordered to eat was the Jalapeno Cornbread Grilled Cheese w/ guacamole and crema from Comida Del Pueblo. Very unique item to say the least. The jalapeno gave it a nice amount of kick while the cornbread really made this quite heavy. But overall, it was very tasty and all the ingredients came together and worked well surprisingly!


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