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TO Food Fest #1 - Apps and Drinks

Posted: 08/01/12

TO Food Fest #1 - Apps and Drinks

Restaurant: Scarborough TOFoodFest

Nelson @ TO Food Fest: BiteMe was invited to this food festival as "media" and had the opportunity to preview all the stalls before the official opening. I've tried to group foods with similar themes together as I took a lot of pictures.

Not eaten food, but rather examples of intricate food carvings that I thought looked really good. Fruitysplendour was advertising classes you can take to learn how to make these intricate designs. Impressive looking, but I wonder if anyone eats the carvings afterwards?

Next stall was selling Gala's Pepper Sauce that only came in hot or extra hot. I had the hot and that tiny amount was already really spicy!

Rodney's Oyster House was there as well. Apparently they were one of the first oyster houses in Toronto and helped many other places get set up. I didn't have any and Kitty was so very close to buying some, but decided to try something else instead.

The next booth was selling just Hong Kong style milk tea. He adds Sheffield evaporated milk and orange pekoe tea. My sample was quite sweet but very smooth with a great mouth feel. It must really evoke memories of home for HKers.

There was one Indian restaurant here, Pavitra Restaurant and they were serving samosas, chicken kebob rolls among other items, but they gave us a sample of their mango lassi. It was welcome on this hot day.

Supposedly Mr. Nom NOm was one of the first to introduce Toronto to Tornado potato on a stick and even though they always seem to popular at festivals now, I think they are overdone. I think it will continue being popular though.

One of the outdoor stands called grub was selling a variety of items. Pork & Beans (edamame & bacon), peas in a pod (edamame with garlic, peppers) and g.f.c. (good f*#kin' chicken ie deep fried chicken gizzards). I took a picture, but unfortunately didn't get a chance to sample.

Lastly is one of the items I bought because I just had to try it myself. Inspired by David Chang, baoss sells steamed buns taco style with western ingredients. I tried all three they were selling, the lobster (wasabi mayo, shredded lettuce, crushed wasabi peas), the veal cheek (kimchi, sour cream, scallions, sesame seeds) and the pork belly (mustard green relish, cilantro, sweet peanut powder). This booth was irresistible to me because I love the Chinese steamed buns and they were creative in using them.

The large chunks of lobster went well with the wasabi mayo and overall it had a very fresh taste.

I thought the veal cheek tasted a little funny in the sense that the beef taste didn't go well with steamed bun. It was just me because Kitty and her sister Mary thought it was the best one.

I thought the best one by far was the pork belly. You can rarely go wrong with pork belly, but in combination with the steamed bun it made for a killer combo. Yum!


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