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Aloha Mixed Plate

Posted: 07/30/12

Aloha Mixed Plate

Restaurant: Aloha_Mixed_Plate Hawaii

Nelson: For our last meal we tried to get a typical Hawaiian meal, which meant we were going for a mixed plate again.

This place is suppose to have really good coconut prawns (4 of their award winning appetizer served with pineapple chutney $7.95) so we ordered it, but when it came out two were black in colour. The waiter said it was normal, but not having seeing any like this before we thought it was abnormal. We tried one and it had a funny taste, almost like a taro batter, but it still didn't feel right so we got one replaced. Besides that, the coconut really stands out in taste in this dish which was good. The pineapple chutney tasted exactly like Thai sweet chili.

We shared the Alii Plate which included Lau Lau, Kalua Pig & cabbage, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Poi and Haupia. Yes, a lot of Hawaiian dishes here, so I'll start with the Haupia on the right, a coconut based Hawaiian dessert that tasted different from the previous day's. The jelly was thick in texture, but not that sweet but we still ate it as a dessert. Just above the Haupia was the Poi which wasn't as tasty as a the Luau even though I love eating taro.

The Lomi Lomi Salmon is actually the salsa looking cup in the top right, which is a mixture of fresh tomato, onions and raw salmon. It actually tasted strongly of smoked salmon, but we could hardly see any meat in there. It is suppose to be like that I think as the salmon is shredded/diced and massaged in by hand with the rest of the ingredients.

The Kulua Pig & Cabbage was not as good as at the Luau, but still tasty and the cabbage was better. Lastly the Lau Lau, as seen on the left, is pork in wrapped taro leaf. You can see the insides in the last picture. Maybe because of the leaf wrapping, I thought the meat tasted exactly like that from a Chinese Zong zi - sticky rice wrapped in a bamboo leaf with pork in the center.

A very local and traditional meal that was enjoyable. I already miss Hawaii, what a wonderful place!

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