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A Hawaiian Luau - Part 2

Posted: 07/28/12

A Hawaiian Luau - Part 2

Restaurant: Feast_at_Lele Hawaii

Nelson: As promised, here is part 2 of this Luau feast covering Tahiti and Samoa.

The first picture is of something called Fafa, steamed chicken adn taro leaf in coconut milk. The coconut milk was overpowering in this dish and the chicken was a tad dry, but overall pretty flavourful.

On the left of the second picture is scallops on a shell. A little cheesy that the shell is ceramic, but it tasted really good. There was taro underneath the scallop which was my favourite part of the dish (and you can see in the 3rd picture).

The dish on the right is called E'iota (poisson cru) one of Tahiti's most famous dishes. It's suppose to be like cerviche, but the fish I found was cooked. It wasn't that memorable unfortunately, but maybe the real thing is better.

After Tahiti comes Samoa. For some reason they have cattle there, because the first dish is called Supasui, a grilled steak. It was tasty and cooked well, but also strangely sweet. Almost a teriyaki like sauce came with it.

On the left is shrimp and avocado with passion fruit. Although not a lot of shrimp it did have pineapple, which made this quite unexpectedly tasty. Pineapple with avocado is an unusual combination, maybe something I'll have to try myself.

Finally on the right is Palusami, young taro leaf and coconut milk with breadfruit or squash. Unfortunately they were only serving the squash version despite wanting very badly to try eating breadfruit after seeing it on the island. As a result I was a tad disappointed with this dish.

The desserts were caramel macadamia nut tart with Haupia (the tart on the left, with the Haupia a coconut milk based gelatin pudding on the inside), Hawaiian vintage chocolate truffles and tropical fruit. We meet our fruit friend Rambutan. I think this was also my first taste of pineapple in Hawaii, but unfortunately wasn't very good.

Overall a great experience with the dancing, the multiple courses of exotic foods and great atmosphere. Although pricey, I would definitely recommend it!

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