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Maui Brewing Co Brewery

Posted: 07/22/12

Maui Brewing Co Brewery

Restaurant: Hawaii Maui_Brewing_Co_Brewery

Nelson @ Lahaina: We were out to eat with Matt C and of course he suggested we eat at a brewery ;) Kitty of course suggested we order the beef battered brie, served with caramelized pineapple sauce and toasted baguette ($9). The sauce was surprisingly sweet and a little too rich for my liking. Brie was difficult to eat, but tasty.

Kitty had the Pub Plate: Kalua pork, white rice, pub potato salad, coconut porter BBQ sauce ($12). I guess pub potato salad means bacon. I didn't try any of this dish as I wasn't feeling well unfortunately.

That's also why I ordered a neutral dish, the coconut porter beef stew, Hawaiian beef, potato, carrot, celery, onion and coconut porter gravy with white rice($15). This was a decent tasting stew but I didn't taste much coconut.

Since the girls have sweet tooth, we finished with donut bites, served with maui run in caramel sauce. The sauce was really really good, not too sweet but very pleasant tasting. Unfortunately I didn't get to try any of their large selection of beer :(

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