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Hawaii Snacks

Posted: 07/20/12

Hawaii Snacks

Restaurant: Hawaii

Nelson: So many different snacks to try while in Hawaii and we picked stuff up on the way to places or while buying Whale Watching tickets like the following from Hula Cookies. We ordered a cookie ice cream sandwich with a Hula's Delight cookie on the bottom (coconut, mango, pineapple, macadamia nut) and a chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie on top, sandwiching some pineapple ice cream ($4.95). Quite tasty with excellent cookies by themselves but made even better with the ice cream.

Hula Cookies on Urbanspoon

On the side of the road we stopped by the Olowalu juice stand and got a lilikoi smoothie. The taste was there, but the crushed seeds were a little annoying, making it a quite so smooth smoothie.

Right before we went whale watching in Lahaina, we just happened to visit the other location of the Hula Cookies (maybe they are in cahoots with the Whale Watching company) and got some coconut ice cream and a pineapple-passion smoothie (was only ok).

Hula Cookies on Urbanspoon

On our way out of Hawaii we stopped by here to pick up something for the road. It was labelled as Sweet Hawaiian Bread, but it just tasted like a regular bun sweeten like a Chinese bakery bun. Nothing special, although their other products looked tempting.

Maui Specialty Bakery Product on Urbanspoon

Lastly we saw some Pineapple wine in the store and had to try it. Turns out it tastes like piss. It was horrible. You would expect it to be sweet, and it had a slight sweetness to it, but it also just tasted skunky which masks any pleasant flavour. Gross.


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