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Polli's Mexican Restaurant

Posted: 07/18/12

Polli's Mexican Restaurant

Restaurant: Hawaii Pollis

Nelson @ Makawao: Randomly, this place is like a small Western town, so we tried the Mexican restaurant.

Kitty had the seafood enchilada dinner, two flour tortillas stuffed with sauteed shrimp and fish, topped with their creamy Monterey Jack cheese sauce, served with guacamole, Mexican rice and beans ($19.95). The Enchiladas only had pieces of seafood inside, when I was expecting some vegetables. All of it was smothered in a creamy buttery cheese sauce that was way too strong with butter. It hid the seafood completely, and I tried to scrap off the sauce as best as I could. Everything else was decent, especially the guacamole.

Kitty had the Maui fish burrito, stuffed with fish sauteed in butter, garlic, lime and cilantro, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese and sprouts ($11.95). I only had a little bit, but at least this one had some veggies inside!

Mediocre Mexican food, but what can you expect all the way in Hawaii.

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