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Gourmet Malaysia

Posted: 07/27/12

Gourmet Malaysia

Restaurant: Gourmet_Malaysia Toronto

dre @ Brimley and Sheppard: We came here for a family dinner, which was a nice change from a typical Chinese restaurant. As I have mentioned before, when you eat with my family, you must eat fast because all the good food may be taken if you're too slow.

We started off with spring rolls ($4.29), which I was hoping would be similar to Thai spring rolls, but sadly, they were regular vegetable spring rolls. They were tasty, but I was still disappointed. In this picture, there are about 1.5 orders, so they don't typically come in that quantity. My cousins stacked it up for me for picture purposes.

The next item is the Hainanese Chicken on Rice ($7.80). The portion was quite small, and I thought that they would mix the chicken in with the rice like a typical fried rice dish. It was good, but small.

Roti Cannai ($6.99) - naan with chicken curry. We enjoyed the naan and ordered more later on.

Mango Beef ($9.99) - This was my cousin's favourite dish and it was pretty good, but small.

Nonya Chicken Curry ($8.99) - I wasn't a big fan of this. It was spicy, but not very flavourful. I don't think this was a big hit, as even though some of us were still hungry in the end, this dish was not polished.

Penang Assam Laksa ($7.80) - I've never had a laksa before and wasn't sure what to expect. Underneath are vermicelli noodles. I also wasn't a fan of this either, perhaps I didn't like any of the ingredients and the sauce wasn't that memorable.

The satay skewers came near the middle of the meal. I wonder why Asian restaurants bother having an appetizer section as they never come out first. We got 2 orders of Chicken Satay ($6.80) and 1 order of beef satay ($7.80). These were a big hit and the peanut sauce was really good as well.

Beef Rendang ($12.99) - I had really good Rendang beef at another restaurant before, so I wanted to try this one. The dish was pretty expensive and very small (see a theme here with small dishes?). The beef was dry and overall, this dish wasn't very good.

Penang Char Kwei Teow ($7.80) - Rice noodles with seafood. This was a good dish, very saucy, and a decent size.

We were still hungry, so my cousin ordered a regular fried rice noodles with beef. This dish was really small.

For dessert, we shared a shaved ice concoction that had some mixed fruit on top ($5.99). We all found the corn weird.

The last picture is called Apam Balik ($2.99), which is a crepe with peanut in the middle.

Overall, some dishes were a hit and some were a miss, but portions were very small and prices were expensive for the size and quality. The restaurant service was quite slow and we ordered a bowl of Hainan rice and it took 30 minutes to come.

I wouldn't mind coming back again, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

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  • Is Restoran Malaysia better?
    Nelson @ 2012-07-30
  • Yes... even though I went there a long time ago, I think that place is better.
    dre @ 2012-07-31

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