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My favourite Chinese food court

Posted: 07/25/12

My favourite Chinese food court

Restaurant: Silver_Fountain Toronto

dre @ Glen Watford & Sheppard: My coworker Mike introduced me to this food court one time when we couldn't figure out what to eat for lunch. There are about 5-6 different stands in this food court, and Silver Fountain, his favourite, was always closed. We learned that it was closed on Mondays.

So one time we went not on a Monday and I couldn't decide what kind of noodle soup I wanted - dumpling or beef brisket... Lo and behold, this place served both! I ordered in my terrible Cantonese (hoping for better service), and they asked if I wanted it spicy (another plus!) and if I wanted thin noodles or thick. I got the thick noodles and was pleasantly surprised! The texture was similar to pulled noodles, and I really enjoyed the noodles. The bowl was also huge, and I was stuffed after this meal.

Since then, I've taken a bunch of other coworkers to this place and they love it too.


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