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Home-cooked meals

Posted: 07/23/12

Home-cooked meals

Restaurant: none

dre: It's been awhile since I've showcased some of my cooking. I've been having some uncreative moments on figuring out what to make at home and have been uninspired by any recipes that I've come across lately. The means there's been a lot of Macey's take-out and also pizza take-out.

Coincidentally, all three of these dishes have broccoli. Everyone knows that zucchini is my favourite vegetable, but there must have been a broccoli sale when I made these dinners!

I bought a bunch of chicken legs and tried to figure out what do to with it. I decided to bake it, basting it with BBQ sauce and spices. It turned out pretty tasty, and I mixed the spaghetti with the chicken juices and threw the broccoli and mushrooms into the oven when it was almost done.

The second dish is a pulled pork sandwich. I used a pork shoulder loin and threw it in the slow cooker. I marinated it with random sauces I had in my fridge: a bit of BBQ sauce, some hoisin sauce, some Sriracha, anything in my spice rack. If you asked me to recreate the exact taste, I couldn't do it. It turned out well tasty - not too sweet and a nice spicy kick to it too!

The third dish is a mushroom and broccoli risotto. I've never made risotto other than a premade package, but this time I bought Arborio rice and made the sauce from scratch. I used some really old white wine that I found in the fridge, and because I didn't have chicken broth, I used beef broth instead. For the amount of rice I had, I used 4 cups of broth. You have to pour 1/2 cup in at a time until the rice has absorbed all the broth, and constantly stir. I think I was stirring for about 40 minutes and it got thick! I was so tired that I had to bring a stool to sit in between the brief moments I didn't stir. It was definitely a lot of work.

In the end, I can't say that it was worth it, because I thought it tasted a little funny. The texture was fine, and next time I'll need to use chicken broth instead.


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