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More Eating in Downtown Toronto

Posted: 07/21/12

More Eating in Downtown Toronto

Restaurant: Aroma_Espresso_Bar Big_Smoke_Burger Chipotle_Mexican_Grill IQ Toronto

dre in downtown Toronto: Once again here are some places that I've been eating for lunch while I'm downtown. I am not a super fan of fast food courts, but sometimes it's the easiest to meet people working from other offices.

The first picture is from Big Smoke Burger. This was quite a walk from the office and my coworker kept saying, "Are we there yet?" I got the Craft Burger (6.99) - sautéed mushrooms, rosemary garlic mayo, lettuce & tomato, which I've had before. I don't have much choice when it comes to choosing a burger with no cheese. Next time, I'll have to try the other cheeseless burger, the Spicy Burger.

Big Smoke Burger on Urbanspoon

The next picture is from Chipotle Mexican Grill, which is very close to my building. This is the first time I've tried Chipotle. I had the grilled chicken with pinto beans, corn salsa, grilled veggies, and cilantro-lime rice. It was not bad, but something about the burrito made me not like it very much. Perhaps knowing that Burrito Boyz was just up the street, with tastier, bigger and cheaper burritos caused me to be biased.

Chipotle Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

I met up with Ian at the food court at Yonge and Wellington. We went to a place called IQ, which had a huge line. They served these hot boxes that served rice salads. I got the Sparta (8.85) - Roasted Chicken, Grape Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Basil, Brown Rice and Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Vinegar. It was tasty, but pretty expensive for a box of rice with vegetables on top. It wasn't that big either, although I was full after the meal. I can't say that it's a good deal and that I would necessarily crave this next time.

iQ Food Co. (TD Centre) on Urbanspoon

Finally, I met Rebecca for lunch, and we ate at Aroma Espresso Bar. I ordered the Warm Grilled Chicken Salad ($7.80) - chopped tomatoes, shredded carrots, and red onions on a bed of mixed greens, topped with a balsamic vinaigrette. This was surprisingly really large and filling! The chicken was really tasty too. I also got a hot chocolate. What they do is put 3 pieces of chocolate and then pour steamed milk on top. I had to mix it to get it all melted, and a lot of chocolate just got on my spoon and wasn't mixed very thoroughly. Neat concept though.

Aroma Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon


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  • The burrito looks so good! Have you been to Mexican Salsas? (it's in Kensington Market) I love the burritos there; they've got this really good mole chicken burrito!
    Chester @ 2012-07-26

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