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Casanova for (Hawaiian Pizza)

Posted: 07/16/12

Casanova for (Hawaiian Pizza)

Restaurant: Casanova Hawaii

Nelson @ Makawao: Apparently Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada and not Hawaii, but still, at this Italian restaurant, the Hawaiian pizza is named after the town, Makawa.

But first, to start, we had the Romaine wraps with morsels of pan seared Cajun spiced chicken breast and a jalapeno pineapple salsa ($12). Finally a pineapple salsa that tastes good, more salty/sweet than sweet/sour. That plus the chicken was pretty tasty itself made it a good appetizer.

Since it is an Italian restaurant, we had bread to start with a bowl of olive oil/balsamic vinegar that was pre poured. I really like how parm and chili flakes were also brought to the table in case we liked either with our pizza.

Thinking that the pizza would be of the thin crust variety, both Kitty and I ordered one, but as it turned out we were greatly mistaken. The crusts were brushed in oil making them very heavy pizzas and quite large as well resulting in too much food. My Hawaiian/Makawao pizza had tomato sauce, mozzarella, pineapple and ham, but surprisingly no bacon as is often the case here, where it was invented ($14). The best part of the pizza was that it was fresh pineapple instead of the canned stuff. That made it good.

Kitty tried the Genova ($18), pesto sauce, shrimp, fresh tomato slices and mozzarella. The shrimp tasted a little out of place, but at least the pesto sauce was good.

We couldn't finish all this heavy food. The best part though was now I can say I had Hawaiian Pizza in Hawaii - even though Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada!

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