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Hana Ranch

Posted: 07/14/12

Hana Ranch

Restaurant: Hana_Ranch Hawaii

Nelson @ Hana: Not a lot of choices in Hana, but this place was nice for a sleepy town. Once again I opted for the tuna, Charred Rare Ahi: Drizzled with a mango ginger glaze, seasoned with sichimi spice, served with pineapple salsa, brown rice and sauteed vegetables ($29.95). The ahi was cooked well with a defined cooked outside and raw insides. It had a slight taste that tasted like Cajun spice to me, but Sichimi is actually a Japanese spice. Unfortunately the pineapple salsa was too lemony vinegary which completely overpowered in taste. I don't think I've ever had a good pineapple salsa, even though it sounds so awesome in concept.

Kitty tried the Baby Back Ribs: Passion, orange and guava marinated, slow braised and flame grilled ($23.95). Unfortunately, the flavour from the fruits were not detectable and I was disappointed. They weren't cooked that well either, but Kitty enjoyed them overall.

They don't have pecan nut pie, they have Macadamia Nut Pie in Hawaii ($7.50)! We had to eat this the next day since we were stuffed, but it was definitely very good. Not as sweet as a typical pecan pie thankfully, and with a different flavour overall, this is a great combo that should be made elsewhere! Yum!

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