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Road to Hana Treats

Posted: 07/12/12

Road to Hana Treats

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Road to Hana: The road to Hana is a very scenic drive along the curvy northern coastline of Maui. Of course it's a perfect time to eat along the way!

At the start of the trip, many guidebooks recommend stopping by the Hana Picnic Lunch Company to pick up a sandwich to eat on the way. I had the Hana Hou, honey ham, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, provolone and dijonaise, while Kitty had the Hana Harbor, smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers and lettuce (both $8.95). It also came with fresh cut pineapple (excellent, although looks pale in the picture) , chips and chocolate chip cookie. The snacks were great to have along the way, but the sandwiches were only ok and surprisingly my ham sandwich tasted better than the smoked salmon one. It was good to have this food with us as we were driving/hiking/swimming though. Although not pictured, we also ordered a Papaya Passion smoothie (papaya, banana, strawberries and lilikoi juice) which was a little disappointing, because the ingredient not listed is orange juice, which promptly overpowered everything else in taste.

Hana Picnic Lunch Co on Urbanspoon

Along the way back we found that nothing was open on Christmas Day, so we ate lunch at the convenience store (called Hana Ranch Store). Yup, a hot dog, a sausage (better than hotdog) and chili on rice (surprisingly a little dry for my liking) for Christmas Day lunch. Considering the long lineups, I think the food was relatively fresh at least.

Lastly on the way back, all the guide books recommend buying some banana bread along the way. We stopped at a place called Hana Farms, not far from Hana where they were selling all sorts of foods. We picked up a banana and macadamia nut bread for $7 and snacked on it throughout the day. It was decent (not spectacular), but perfect for a road trip except for the crumby mess. But who cares, it's a rental car!


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