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Thai Thai Restaurant

Posted: 07/06/12

Thai Thai Restaurant

Restaurant: Hawaii Thai_Thai

Nelson @ Volcano, Big Island: It was getting late in the day and we were worried everything would close and we would be without a dinner. This place happened to be open and we managed to order some takeout.

"Red Curry with Pork Loin ($14.99): the red colour is due to the red chili peppers and includes kaffir leaves, lemon grass, thai ginger, Thai basil and coconut milk. There are not many vegetables in this curry, but you will enjoy the fresh cut local grown eggplant and bamboo shoots." This dish was super rich as the sauce was extremely think and not at all runny. The eggplant and bamboo shoots were indeed good, but pork loin was a bit strange in this dish and didn't feel like it belonged. For some reason it had a bit of a nutty flavour along with the overall richness. It was quite spicy, but not as spicy as...

"Pad Thai Noodles with chicken breast ($12.99) - Thai rice noodles with traditional herbs, spices, egg adn ground peanuts all stir fried in a wok and combined with the following items makes a delightful meal." This was at the limit of my spice tolerance. I had to switch with Kitty to eat this. I have never had such a spicy Pad Thai before and usually it is too sweet, but definitely not in this case. Although hard to tell from the picture, it had loads of chicken breast.

Thankfull to get a decent meal at such a late hour but probably gained weight from what is usually a healthier cuisine type. But maybe I sweated it all out again when the spice hit me.

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