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Ken's House of Pancakes

Posted: 07/04/12

Ken's House of Pancakes

Restaurant: Hawaii Kens_House_of_Pancakes

Nelson @ Hilo: Coconut pancakes in Hawaii? Hell yeah! These are called Kokonut pancakes, shredded coconut in the batter with kokonut syrup. So there is coconut in the batter, coconut sprinkled on top and they syrup is coconut. I like coconut, so this was heavenly for me. The coconut syrup was new for me and really stood out as excellent. It was a little like condensed milk and very thick, but full of good coconutty flavour. Good stuff!

Unfortunately they were out of snowcrab omelettes and we were very sad. Instead we ordered Da Bradah: bacon, ham and Portuguese sausage with green onions and cheese. The omelette was huge, even priced at $12.45 and absolutely stuffed with cheese. The meat was ok, not that salty but not that good either. Overall very filling and enjoyable.

The last is a traditional Hawaiian dish, the Kalua Moco made with Kalua pork. It is a Loco Moco, a type of Hawaiian dish consisting of scoops of rice topped with meat (in this case Kalua pork), homemade gravy and then topped with 2 eggs any style. Interestingly, their gravy was white in colour. The meat is like pulled pork, similar to my mom's way of cooking braised pork shoulder. This dish had loads of it underneath the eggs. The taste was a little generic, but it was definitely great value at only $8.10 for something that could probably feed two people.

The last picture just shows that they also have guava and passion fruit syrup as well! Cool!

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