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Goodies at Work

Posted: 07/19/12

Goodies at Work

Restaurant: Calabria Toronto

dre: There was an occasion where I was appointed to bring dessert in for a project launch party. One of my coworkers suggested Portuguese desserts, but after searching on the Internet for any bakeries close to the office, I was out of luck. Instead, the search showed an Italian bakery close to the office, so I went to order 40 mini pastries from Calabria. I was impressed with the big box that it came in and how each dessert was individual wrapped. I think I was more mesmerized with how cute and small everything was. I tried a chocolate and a vanilla cannoli and I liked the cream for each. The pastry part was a little soggy though.

Calabria Bakery on Urbanspoon

One other week, my coworker brought in some beautifully made cupcakes! The decoration was so awesome that I felt bad eating it... but they were so good!

Lastly, one day in the work lunch room, I found some leftover cupcakes from someone's baby shower. I couldn't decide which flavour I wanted, so... I took both! :)


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