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Black Dog Pub

Posted: 07/15/12

Black Dog Pub

Restaurant: Black_Dog_Pub Toronto

dre @ Hwy 401 and Port Union: My director was in town and we had a team dinner at this pub on the east side of Scarborough. I don't think I've ever been out here before. The pub was really cute and cozy. Since we had a large group, we got a private downstairs. Since it was such a nice day outside, we moved to the private patio area!

We ordered a lot of appetizers while we waited for everyone to arrive. The coconut shrimp were a big hit and we ordered several more.

The nachos were decent, but lacked sauce.

I don't think I've had bad sweet potato fries before, and these didn't disappoint.

By the time the spring rolls came, I was getting full, but I had one just to try it out. They were generic, and nothing special.

For my main dish, I got the Chicken Penne pasta. The bowl was really deep, but I ate everything even though I ate all those appetizers beforehand. I can't believe I forced myself to finish it all, and couldn't leave room for dessert.

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