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Boston Pizza Birthday

Posted: 07/13/12

Boston Pizza Birthday

Restaurant: Boston_Pizza Brampton

dre @ Queen & Airport: A year ago, I signed up for the Boston Pizza emailing list because I read on Red Flag Deals that you get a free pasta or dessert for your birthday if you sign up.

So this year, I got my coupon again! Within the week, I got another email from Boston Pizza congratulating me on my one year anniversary for signing up on their email list, so they gave me a coupon for a free individual size pizza!

We went to Boston Pizza in Brampton to see whether they would let me redeem both entrees at the same time, and they actually let us! I got Spaghetti and Meatballs and Mike got a pizza with Italian sausages.

I haven't been to Boston Pizza since last year and it's been awhile since I've had their pizza. I forgot that it was pretty good! I really like the crust.

The spaghetti was a little soggy, and too much cheese for my liking, but once I mixed everything in together, I couldn't taste the cheese. The meatballs were good as well.

The meal was really enjoyable mostly because it was free, and the food tasted good too!

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