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McDonald's has Noodles?

Posted: 06/28/12

McDonald's has Noodles?

Restaurant: Hawaii McDonalds

Nelson @ McDonald's: We stopped here for a quick snack as we were driving from dessert to rain forest and we saw some unique Hawaiian menu items. Saimin is a famous Hawaiian dish that became the first "local" menu item to grace a McDonald's menu. It is composed of soft wheat egg noodles in a Japanese broth with Japanese fish cake (Kamaboko), nori (seaweed), egg and char siu. The portion is pretty small ($3.19) and there isn't that much substance to this cup of noodles, but the warm broth really hit the spot as we had just gone from hot (dessert) to cool (rainy, rainforest). I'm sure it'll taste better at a real restaurant, but unfortunately this is the only chance we had to try Saimin.


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